Dear foreign friends! Brothers-antifascistst from the whole world!

We are the group of people who makes everything for the victory of Novorossiya and everybody knows us as
Comrades in Arms of Novorossiya. Be sure, in Russian is sounds better! :)
Every month we send convoys to Donetsk and other cities and towns of Novorossiya.
Our cargo is uniform, medicine, food and other supplies.
About everything you can know on this site.

You can help us to help Donbass. You can send:
Western Union to Dmitriy Babich, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
MoneyGram to Dmitriy Babich, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Transfer codes PLZ send to: nopaper@mail.ru

Dmitriy Babich - its me (do you see the picture?)!
I'm bying for myself everything and drive it to the frontline. No tricks, everything is real. Danger is here, the death is near. Sorry for my English (Sorry, Graham Phillips, my friend! I do with your language the same you do with mine!), I'm only trying noy to be boring!
In our prices (great help fo sanctions) now the full ammunition for one soldier of Novorossiya costs less then 100 USD.

Now you know - sedning 100 doolars you helps ONE PERSON to live and fight. 1000 USD helps 10 soldiers to have uniform, military boots e.t.c. (I don't know the English names for this supplies!)
The sum in the window and button downstairs guides to the page in Russian with some e-wallets. It works too.

WE DO NOT DELIVER WEAPONS OR SOME LETHAL THINGS. Just remember that. We help people not to kill - just to stay alive.

Extremely yours, DMITRIY BABICH